Martin Ballendat

There is no really good design without emotionality.


Easy office- and conference swivel chair se:joy


Our Design: uncomplicated but not cool; coloured but not clourful; decorative but not ornate.


Meeting, seminar & conference table talk about

Falk Blümler – Sedus Design Team

There is much more to products than simply the use for which they are supposedly intended. A good product is always a functioning means of communication for its users and thus serves as a kind of vehicle for their social interaction. Design is always communication as well.


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Judith Daur – Sedus Design Team

Product design should appeal at first glance, then surprise and ultimately function long term. The more clearly you can read the essence of the idea behind a product, the easier it will be to understand and the stronger the emotional ties will be.


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To possess and be possessed.


Bistro & canteen chair meet chair

Formwelt Industriedesign

Design and gender for an ecological and universal product range!


Storage system grand slam (Henriette Deking), Reception unit (Henriette Deking, Luca Cianfanelli), Modular storage space terri tory

Michael Kläsener – Sedus Design Team

A mechanically durable product should look good for equally long.


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Emil Lohrer

A good chair must be big enough for two: the head and the heart.


Standing seat smile

Modus Product Design

Our goal has always been to offer formal beauty combined with a high degree of technical excellence that will make our products objects of desire - always looking for 'product rightness'.


Bistro, canteen & lounge table meet table

Klaus Nolting

We develop ideas and create designs with clear and soft lines. With consistent use of materials and inventive constructions, we generate innovative solutions. Our design is puristic, functional and poetic at the same time.


Bistro & canteen chair meet chair Bar stool

Rüdiger Schaack – Sedus Design Team

A product will only be attractive if it is well made. And a product will only be well made if all the professions involved in the development process work consistently hand in hand on all aspects right down to the last detail.


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Mathias Seiler

A new piece of furniture must be beautiful, meaningful and innovative.


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Carlo Shayeb – Sedus Design Team

Design should be purposeful, inclusive and driven by passion.
It should result in intuitive, innovative products.

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