Sedus Stoll AG - The company

Based in Dogern (Waldshut), Germany, Sedus Stoll AG is a leading full-service supplier of office equipment and workplace concepts. Sedus develops and manufactures its high-quality products at two locations in Germany and distributes worldwide. The company is an established brand and has nine subsidiaries in Europe and in Dubai and is present in more than 70 other countries worldwide.

As office furniture specialists and technological pioneers, Sedus has continually raised the bar throughout its 145-year history - particularly in the areas of ergonomics, design, and sustainability. In the process, Sedus has developed industry standards that have gained worldwide recognition.


The Sedus brand is synonymous with innovation, technology and aesthetics. From reception areas to individual, combined and open-plan offices, right up to executive suites - Sedus supplies workplace concepts and products for entire organisations. Sedus expertly applies the principles of modern workplace design, always in accordance with the customer's individual requirement.



Sedus also pays particular attention to current trends and changes in the office world. New ways of working and organisational structures demand flexible and aesthetically pleasing furniture along with bespoke solutions designed to promote communication and movement. There is a particularly strong focus on employee health.

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