20 years EMAS

Sedus is one of the first 10 companies awarded a certificate

20 years ago, the first companies registered themselves for EMAS, the environment management system of the European Union – at that time, the eco-audit. Sedus Stoll AG was one of the first ten EMAS-registered companies. EMAS stands for Eco-Management and Audit Scheme and is the world's most demanding system for environment management and eco-performance auditing. The EMAS Advisory Board is an independent committee of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment.

The chairman of the EMAS Advisory Board, Dr. Michael Schemmer, summarises the management approach, which accords with the corporate philosophy of Sedus Stoll AG, as follows: "EMAS offers companies and organisations much more than just a management system; it also includes an audit system and carefully checked reporting. The registered companies and organisations make themselves ready to meet the demands of the future by combining the economic with the ecological while not losing sight of their social obligations. They take into account the welfare of their employees and often use EMAS as a basis for a sustainability management system."

The first ten EMAS-registered companies can look back on 20 years of continuous eco-management in Europe and, for this, were singled out for an award by State Secretary Adler and Dr. Martin Wansleben.

The ten first EMAS-registered companies are as follows:

Audi AG, Neckarsulm
Bombardier Transportation GmbH, Kassel factory
Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz, Kassel factory
Demmel AG, Scheidegg
Hipp-Werk Georg Hipp OHG, Pfaffenhofen
Märkisches Landbrot GmbH, Berlin
Nordzucker AG, Clauen and Schladen factories
Sedus Stoll AG, Waldshut-Tiengen
Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co., Allendorf
Volkswagen AG, Emden factory

Further details: www.emas.de