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Auf einem neuen Level: Sedus Barhocker se:spot stool

Überall, wo kurzzeitige Teamarbeit und Besprechung, Kontaktpflege und informelle Arbeit angesagt ist,
also in Pausen-, Projekt- und Besprechungsräumen, an Countern und den vielen Knotenpunkten in offenen
Bürolandschaften und natürlich in Kombination mit Highdesks kann der 'se:spot stool' zum Einsatz

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Das erste Farbkochbuch für professionelle Büroeinrichtungen

Mit dem FARBKOCHBUCH für Farben im Büro veröffentlicht der Büromöbelspezialist Sedus das erste Fachbuch, das in dieser Art einzigartig ist, weil es sich ausschließlich mit Farbgestaltungen für Bürobereiche beschäftigt.

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Fünf German Design Awards für Sedus Büromöbel

Im Herbst 2018 war nicht nur das Orgatec Fachpublikum von der Designqualität der Sedus Produktneuheiten überzeugt. Drei davon wurden inzwischen schon mit sechs renommierten Designpreisen ausgezeichnet.

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The new Sedus Smart Office in Dogern

Dogern (District of Waldshut, Germany) – The office building at the headquarters in Dogern,was completed in April this year. Since then, several different departments have moved into the new facilities and are now closely working together. With a construction value of € 13.5 million, Sedus, the renowned office furniture manufacturer, implemented this new working environment as a view of how an ”office of the future” can look like.

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2018 financial statements: another substantial jump in the Sedus Stoll Group’s revenue

With an annual surplus of €9.8 million, 2018 – just like 2017 – proved to be another successful year for the Sedus Stoll Group.

Revenue climbed by 11.1% to €212.3 million (2017: €191.2 million), surpassing the €200 million milestone by a large margin for the first time in its history.

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Sedus rethinks sitting – a paradigm shift

It was just a utopian dream only a few years ago, but now it is a reality: Sedus designers and engineers have created the se:motion, a swivel chair that works without conventional mechanics and makes ergonomic and agile work affordable to everyone.

Terms such as work 2.0, co-working, and smart office are increasingly hitting the headlines with stories of changes to traditional office environments. New workplace concepts and ways of working are needed, and these demand a rethink of everything from space design to new product solutions.

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se:fit brings movement to the office

Movement is good for the body and inspires the mind. The se:fit stand/sit stool enables dynamic and active sitting – at a worktop, desk and wherever a standing seat opportunity is welcome.

se:fit is both a stool and a seat. It can easily be adjusted in height and carried by its ergonomic handle in one hand. It therefore becomes an easily available seat which promotes healthy movement and crucially, posture change.

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Sedus refined with Chromium III

Dogern (District of Waldshut, Germany) – Whether a swivel chair or a desk, every third pedestal ordered by Sedus customers is requested in the “chrome-plated” version. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also qualitative, because chrome surfaces are scratch resistant and less sensitive than the alternatives of powder coating, polished aluminium or wood. The technique of using chrome is historic. The previously unknown metallic substance with the formula Chromium III was discovered by chance in 1797 by Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin, but was only made industrially usable on a large scale in the 1920s by the addition of other chemical substances. However, the cost has always been high because the globally widespread process Chromium VI is cheaper and simpler but also extremely toxic and hazardous to health. Chromium VI compounds enter the body via the respiratory tract, can mutate and damage DNA.

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Sedus at Orgatec 2018

Sedus will surprise trade visitors to this year’s Orgatec with a total of twelve new products and product enhancements. The most important of these are two swivel chairs for modern flexible workplaces, an office cube system, and a digital analysis tool to optimise the use of offices and work environments. Sedus is continuing to build on its strong history as an ergonomics pioneer while also expanding on its expertise as a furnishing specialist for cutting-edge office concepts.

Sedus at Orgatec, 23-27 October 2018, in Cologne – Hall 8, Stand B50

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Sedus reinvents the swivel chair - two world premieres at Orgatec 2018

Sedus set standards that are valid around the globe:

Already in 1926 Sedus invented and patented the legendary spring mounted swivel chair worldwide. The first swivel chair with castors (1929) and countless trend-setting patents such as the Similar mechanism (1973) and the Similar-Swing mechanism (2012) followed. This year Sedus is launching two innovative swivel chairs at the Orgatec 2018 office furniture trade fair. These introduce a complete new approach which will continue the legacy of the office chair pioneer.

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2017 annual financial statements: Sedus Stoll Group remains on track for success

Outstanding start to the 2018 financial year With an annual surplus of € 9.9 million (2016: € 9.5 million), 2017 proved to be another successful year for the Sedus Stoll Group. Turnover was up and there was also a similarly strong increase in the order volume of 1.4% by the end of the year to hit a total of € 191.2 million (€ 188.5 million). Incoming orders rose by 6.6%, a figure which is more dynamic than the overall office furniture market and, as such, the Sedus Stoll Group expanded its market share even further.

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