black dot 24

Complements the successful swivel chair family for 24-hour use and high load requirements

Sedus is adding a new model to the successful “black dot” swivel chair family especially for use in multi-shift operations around the clock or also for heavy users. “black dot 24” is a configuration with 3D armrests and sliding seat with superior comfort, designed for users up to a body weight of 150 kg.

The new durable jack of all trades “black dot 24” represents an alternative to control room chairs. In its dimensions, however, this model is not as expansive and offers a more elegant variant as well as an effective means of eliminating the visual stigma of overweight people with a body weight of up to 150 kg.
This version is especially interesting for companies that have already fur-nished their offices with swivel chairs from the “black dot” family, because then a formally consistent seating style can be implemented.
The seat is wider, deeper and better padded than the classic “black dot” and thus creates space and also tolerance for a higher pressure load.
In addition to these special idiosyncrasies, “black dot 24” features the usual characteristics of the swivel chair family such as the Sedo Lift mechanism, a mechanism with stronger springs, 3D armrests, sliding seat and optional neck support or clothes hanger. The backrest can have either a mesh or an upholstered back.
Seat tilt adjustment, however, is not possible.
Especially durable and robust fabrics suitable for the requirements of 24-hour operations in offices or control rooms are used. For the normal demands of office use all other covers from the Sedus fabric collection can also be used.