"turn around"

Conscious posture change with "turn around" swivel chair

The work environment of tomorrow is increasingly characterised by new spatial impressions. These also include standing workstations at high desks. With “turn around” Sedus closes a product gap and offers the functional swivel chair for team and project work at high desks or also in seating areas, because it is available as both a “high” and a “low” variant. The chair is as easy to handle as a bar stool.

“turn around” also encourages you to change your posture: leaning back and relaxing or seat positions turning sideways to your conversational partner are both possible. When designing the chair it was important to designer Judith Daur to create a protective shell contour for use at high desks in particular, but which by means of a sidecut also ensures the necessary legroom. This makes getting on and off completely straightforward. The forward sloping seat cushion incorporated into the shell, an upholstered surface on the backrest and a swing mechanism underneath the shell provide additional comfort and freedom of movement. Comfort and ergonomic features typical of Sedus are not forgotten – good if a meeting takes a little longer after all.