Dynamically structured knowledge exchange

Sedus brainstorm

Design: speziell ®

The brainstorm product range has been developed by Sedus to reflect modern approaches to the way teams and individuals work together and exchange information. Based around a range of flexible table modules, various configurations can be quickly and easily set up in training, meeting and seminar rooms. Because the elements of brainstorm can so closely respond to the need for effective teamworking and knowledge transfer in a variety of ways, the system can play a vital role in creating a strategic approach to corporate internal communication.

The system also includes a height adjustable personal desk on castors which means that anybody taking part in brainstorming sessions and other group activities can find space for themselves to work freely anywhere in the room, communicating with different individuals while standing. It is an all action element. To accommodate the easy and spontaneous use of electronic devices it can also incorporate optional data and power connectors simply attached to the worksurface. When attached at the edge of the worksurface, this can also provide servicing to adjacent tables.

The true all-rounders of the brainstorm family however are the mobile stacking tables. Just like the personal desks, they can be positioned or stored to save space when not in use and yet can be configured in a multitude of ways, including in classic seminar set-ups as well as project, team and meeting clusters.

A system cable dump can be integrated to turn the table into a fully cable-managed piece of furniture. Outgoing connections need only be inserted into the floor box and, voilà, the user has hassle-free access to electricity, data and image signals based on the plug and play principle.

Fixed furniture can be configured using the 4-leg models of the brainstorm system. As a simple, light-weight table range, the brainstorm 4-leg models are ideal for use in break out rooms, cafes as well as meeting and information points. If required, integrated power and data points from the comprehensive Sedus portfolio are available to provide for servicing and cable management.

Complementary elements from the flexible conference range include a lectern for use with the personal desk which includes a metal shelf for a laptop or manuscripts and a textile modesty panel, a notice board, a notice board with flip chart as an optional upgrade and a coat rack. The personal desks, stacking and 4-leg models are also available with adaptable media connectors with three power supplies. Integrated power points, linking elements and modesty panels in a range of twelve colours are available as accessories for the classic 4-leg model tables, which comes in five different top sizes.

About the design team

When Sybille Fleckenstein, Jens Pohlmann and Thilo Schwer set up their design office in 2002 they named it "speziell" in order to emphasise that, for every single project, they look for unique, surprising and, indeed, special solutions. The three product designers are driven by the quest to transform the everyday into something extraordinary. They believe in the strength of a design process which allows each team member to contribute their own experience and expertise. This results in impressive solutions which are not based on an individual's own skills and ideas but derive from a joint approach. And it is precisely this which makes the design from speziell so striking and autonomous without ever being affected or overstated.


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