Ergonomic world first at Sedus

The “swing up” office swivel chair – a dynamic evolution

At Orgatec 2012 in Cologne, Sedus will be presenting the “swing up” swivel chair family, a world first which sets new benchmarks in ergonomics and redefines “dynamic sitting”. Since as far back as the 1970s, the renowned European office furniture manufacturer, Sedus Stoll AG, has been setting milestones in the development of dynamic sitting concepts and has been promoting this continually. The new “swing up” range will completely revolutionise dynamic sitting.

Sedus developed the “swing up” in close cooperation with scientists from the chair of ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), led by Prof. Dr. Klaus Bengler. Extensive research reported that healthier sitting requires increased support of sitting movements and that the motion of the pelvis should be integrated in combination with that of the lumbar vertebrae. At the same time, additional degrees of freedom must enable subconscious and constant use of the available range of movement.

The solution: With the “swing up”, Sedus is presenting the first office chair to offer previously unknown options for movement. It stimulates the user to move intuitively and naturally. The Similar-Swing mechanism provides the shell with extra lateral flexibility, allowing the pelvis to incline to the sides too. As such, sitting on the “swing up” enables additional degrees of freedom in comparison to the movement options of a good synchronous swivel chair.
Six patents and a brand name have been registered for the new mechanism. At the same time, the chair prevents the damage caused by stationary sitting and increases productivity, as the joints and muscles in the hips and the back are called upon to support brain activity. Proper circulation of the bloodstream and the supply of nutrients and hormones to all areas of the body is also of immense importance for our mental productivity and emotional well-being. The new seat kinematics grant the body comprehensive freedom of movement and at the same time exploit the body’s natural instinct to stabilise itself. The sequence of movements becomes harmonious and flowing; the body recognizes the stimulation to move and adopts it automatically. As the armrests do not move, the user is able to retain the feeling of safety with increased comfort and security. The user can also lock the seat kinematics if preferred.

A particular design feature of the chair family designed by Rüdiger Schaack is the vertical backrest frame profile and the horizontal brace complemented by stylish surface edges. This is topped off by an ergonomically shaped shell silhouette. A sweeping curve to the armrest support reflects the dynamics of the seat, whilst the backrest support integrates seamlessly into the height-adjustable dorsokinetic mechanism (back and depth adjustment).

The “swing up” swivel chair, optionally available with or without a height-adjustable and tiltable headrest, is complemented by three types of visitor chairs: one cantilever, one 4-leg model and one companion swivel chair. There are versions available with mesh backs, with comfortable upholstery or with a slimline flat cushion.

Nowadays, we sit in modern offices using a body whose physiology hasn’t changed since the Stone Age: perfectly designed for life on the move. As a result, moving is not only essential for the correct functioning of our muscles and musculoskeletal system, but also for the development of cognitive skills and creativity.

With “swing up”, as with all other developments from the office furniture manufacturer Sedus, the focus is always on people and the possi-bility of increasing the feeling of well-being and performance by creat-ing a comfortable, pleasant working atmosphere.

The Sedus swing up will be available as of May 2013.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.