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2017 annual financial statements: Sedus Stoll Group remains on track for success

Outstanding start to the 2018 financial year With an annual surplus of € 9.9 million (2016: € 9.5 million), 2017 proved to be another successful year for the Sedus Stoll Group. Turnover was up and there was also a similarly strong increase in the order volume of 1.4% by the end of the year to hit a total of € 191.2 million (€ 188.5 million). Incoming orders rose by 6.6%, a figure which is more dynamic than the overall office furniture market and, as such, the Sedus Stoll Group expanded its market share even further.

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New Sedus competence centres in Dogern and Geseke

Sedus has unveiled its vision for the future of manufacturing at its two factories in Germany, with a major programme of modernisation and construction to create new competence centres. The overall investment in the new facilities will exceed €20 million, with the main part of the budget focussed on new and refurbished administrative buildings as well as new manufacturing layouts in Dogern and Geseke.

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The role of Sedus in the creation of modern ergonomics

The roots of our 21st Century approach to ergonomics lie in a small town called Waldshut, which sits at the southern tip of the Black Forest, on the North bank of the Rhine where it forms a natural border between Germany and Switzerland. It was here ninety years ago that Sedus first introduced the world to the Federdreh, the legendary spring-twist chair that is the common ancestor of every task chair that has followed. It was a trick the firm was to repeat 45 years later with the first chair designed for a new era of dynamic sitting.

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