Five iF design prizes for new products

Out the entries that were submitted internationally, the jury for the coveted iF Award selected five from Sedus Stoll AG to receive design prizes. The awards went to “get together”, “turn around”, “secretair”, “allright” and “butler”, all products developed by the Sedus design team and presented for the first time on the occasion of Orgatec, last autumn’s office furniture trade show in Cologne.

The “get together” bench system is designed as a modular system and can be put together in a variety of ways to create furniture arrangements of different shapes and sizes. It is also available with numerous accessories and extras, thus offering leeway for creativity and originality.

As a matching item, Sedus designer Judith Daur designed the “turn around” swivel chair, of which there is a low and a high version. One important aspect of the design approach adopted is the protective shell structure, which tapers at the side, thus enabling the sitter to move his/her legs freely during the act of sitting down or standing up at high tables.

The ”secretair”, a kind of mobile standalone workstation, comes from Rüdiger Schaack. It is how Sedus sees the rebirth of an old type of furniture, serving as a place to retreat to in an open space, for example, or as part of a home office that already exists.
The versatile “allright”, a cantilever chair, was also designed by Rüdiger Schaack. The main design feature that makes it stand out is the way in which the plastic shell is connected to the frame. An integrated upholstery button has the same colour as the upholstery for the seat and the backrest.

Another prize was awarded to the Sedus design team for the “butler” coat stand from the new Sedus to go accessory collection. Coloured tube caps and covering nodes with integrated hooks, plus a simple frame structure, are the special features of its design.