grand slam z

creates new (storage) room/space with functions

The demands on more efficient use of space have made a great impact on open-plan landscapes. They reduce space needed for storing personal property and call for multifunctional furnishings. The employees in turn have an increased desire for a well-organised workplace that provides a high level of privacy.

Clever combinations of desks, storage space, screens and transparent elements, are just as in demand as cabinet elements that can be configured as required/with a wide range of flexible options, which can also be expanded into corporate communication areas. Multifunctional storage elements can give rooms a new structure, encourage communication between employees and create an atmosphere where everyone is dedicated, productive and enjoys working.

The Sedus design team has recognised the “signs of the times”, and developed the popular grand slam storage unit into a versatile zoning range, which can be expanded by add-on and extension modules, and communication elements. The abbreviation “z” stands for “zoning”, as it helps to give rooms a structure and create additional space, which can then be used in a functional way.

Storage units and shelves are turned into new design elements with numerous creative possibilities. grand slam z can, therefore, also create communication islands in the office that have a foot rail to encourage a relaxed posture.

The increased need for privacy has also been taken care of. Valuables can be stowed away quickly and securely, personalised compartments can be opened and closed using a number combination, and can even include a letter slot for private and confidential mail.

Not only has the popular grand slam cabinet range been extended. The temptation table system has also been given a new electromotive version, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and with the abbreviation “ci” for intelligence. The new integrated height adjustment makes the base look more delicate, whereas the embedded control element gives the table a clear and modern shape. More power supply options such as the wireless inductive charger and/or the integrated power socket make temptation ci one of the leading standing and sitting workplaces.

Sedus will be unveiling its new grand slam z cabinet range and the new temptation ci table – as well as many other product innovations – at the ORGATEC international office trade fair in Cologne from 25 to 29 October 2016, Hall 8, Aisle B, Stand 50.