New control room chair mr. 24

Ideal for use right round the clock

Control room chairs don’t have it easy. At the end of each eight-hour shift of continuous use, the chair gets a new “owner” who not only readjusts the chair height and armrests, the backrest pressure and seat depth are also adapted to individual requirements.

Sedus mr. 24 has been developed with the toughest working conditions in mind, i.e. use round the clock. It knows “no fear”, taking weights of up to 200 kg in its stride.

The mechanics and upholstery of “mr. 24” are both high-quality and extremely sturdy. The perfectly balanced force distribution, thanks to the use of mechanical springing, and the large opening angle of up to 32 degrees guarantee maximum sitting comfort.
The extremely resilient TEC fabric is ideal for the upholstery and comes in eight colours. In addition, ten shades of leather and twelve variants from the new crêpe collection are available.

The height and depth of the lumbar support can be quickly varied to suit any body weight and size using the newly developed operating elements. The comfortable leather-covered headrest and multifunctional headrest with textured easy-care imitation leather can also both be adjusted. The height, width and depth of the robust armrests can be easily adapted without tools.

Sedus mr. 24 is proof that a “sitting machine” of the very highest quality can look great in spite of all the technical features, and indeed, can also be used in offices, e.g. with leather upholstery.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.