Proven Sedo-Lift mechanism with new characteristics

Height-adjustability and vertical seat cushioning are indispensable standard features of office swivel chairs. Office furniture manufacturer Sedus developed the precursor of the “Sedo-Lift” height-adjustable unit as early as 1926. The ergonomics pioneer is now launching a new version of the globally patented technology which – apart from the previous unique selling point – has additional advantages and is visually recognisable.

Everyone is familiar with the principle. When you sit on an office swivel chair, your body is gently cushioned. In the case of the Sedo-Lift mechanism developed by Sedus, the user’s weight rests on the spiral compression spring. The outstanding vertical cushioning this provides ensures a high degree of seating comfort and prevents compressive stress on the spine at any height of the seat. Thanks to an integrated gas-and-oil pressure spring, which allows the seat to be steplessly locked in place, the user can choose his/her ideal sitting position. The seat height is locked in place hydraulically.
Thanks to the use of new combinations of materials, cushioning is very soft and without any delay. As less force than before is needed to operate the height-adjustment lever, the mechanism is now even easier to use.
Last but not least, the maintenance-free Sedo-Lift mechanism can handle even heavy load requirements, coping easily with a user’s weight of up to 200 kilograms.

Sedo-Lift offers something that no other gas spring does: cushioning comfort irrespective of the adjusted seat height. Impacts caused by someone sitting down are absorbed effectively – an important characteristic given that, in the course of a working life, a person sits down on his/her office chair around 200,000 times.
In the framework of preventative health measures at the workplace, the choice of the Sedo-Lift mechanism is a special component on the way to a world of work that is finally free of back pain. In the product range of Sedus functional swivel chairs, it is thus an optional alternative to the conventional gas spring.
What is also new is a visual mark of distinction. At the lower end of the Sedo-Lift mechanism fixed in the seat support column, an orange-coloured ring is a visual marker for the characteristics of this solution that is so helpful for the body sitting at rest. Sedus gives a 30 year guarantee for this mechanism.