Sedus "black dot net"

Pinpoints ergonomics and ecology

Design: Markus Dörner

Rarely has innovative technology been realised with such har-mony of form. The "black dot" family of swivel chairs, characterised by a black dot in the centre of the upholstered backrest and with a comfortable upholstered seat, has now seen the introduc-tion of the "black dot net" family of swivel chairs.

The functional swivel chair "black dot net" differs from the "black dot" in its backrest, which is covered with a patented, breathable and wrinkle-resistant membrane (Wovenit®). With their patented dorsokinetic mechanism, these models maximise freedom of movement in all directions, while the flexible joint provides ideal back support whenever the user’s torso moves backwards or even to the extreme left or right. The family includes a swivel chair, a 4-leg model and a cantilever. An optional headrest is available for the swivel chair.

The swivel chair incorporates both tried and trusted technology – such as the "Similar" mechanism, individually adjustable lumbar support, seat-depth springing, sliding seat and 3D adjustable armrests, all of which make office working more enjoyable and less like work. The "Sedo-Lift" mechanism makes the chair frame highly wear-resistant.

With five different membrane colours available, the family offers great creative freedom. The same colours can be found in the fab-rics from the "Fame" collection, which are used for the seat uphol-stery. The upholstery for each member of the "black dot" family can be chosen from a selection of over 100 different fabrics and leather coverings. In the case of "black dot net", these fabric options apply to the seat.
Base and frame come in a choice of polished or chromed, and also powder-coated in white aluminium or black.

The visitor chairs offer the same options for meeting and confer-ence rooms. The combination of comfort and colour scheme creates a pleasant ambience and also allows the chair families "black dot" and "black dot net" to be used optimally together.
The cantilever and 4-leg models for visitors and conferences are designed first and foremost with comfort in mind and feature the same innovative upholstery system as the swivel chairs.

Modern office swivel chairs fulfil two essential functions: on the one hand they are a tool for work and, on the other, they are an interior design feature. If too much  emphasis is placed on the formal components, the ergonomics often suffer. Similarly, if fo-cus is placed only on technical solutions, then aesthetics lose out.


• "black dot" is 94% recyclable and received the mark "very good" from Ökotest. It is therefore one of the most sustainable office swivel chairs on the market.

• A film demonstrates how "black dot" and "black dot net" can be dismantled and sorted into categories for recycling.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.