Sedus click share

Interface for clever conference solutions

The Sedus conference system “ClickShare” is a WLAN-based presentation tool that combines state-of-the-art technology with simple, flexible operation. It enables a functional and ergonomically designed conference room to connect with the required equipment – virtually free from barriers. It creates a userfriendly platform for creative team communication, from which successful ideas and results for the company can develop.

The “Plug and Play” feature of the presentation tool facilitates straight-forward instant use, where the Buttons are connected to the terminal devices (laptops, PCs, tablet PCs with iOS and Android Apps, etc.) via a USB port. No additional software is required. The system, which otherwise consists of nothing more than a base unit, is then able to transmit the content from the screens of four terminal devices simultaneously to one or two monitors. These special features and the extremely simple button navigation make “ClickShare” a convenient and valuable tool for all conference situations.

As it operates using WLAN, the system can also be inconspicuously retrofitted in any conference room. Whereas standard conference technology often sticks out like a sore thumb, the “ClickShare Tray” consists of an attractive holder that can be placed on the conference table and thus blends right into any surroundings. The participants of the meeting can take a Button and switch to presentation mode with just one click.

“ClickShare” gets straight to the point and allows the user to share his or her ideas with the team at the click of a Button, ergonomically and without complications! This ingenious conference technology solution is an excellent addition to the wide range of conference solutions from Sedus.