Sedus "crossline prime"

An upgrade for managers on the path to success

Design: Markus Dörner

"crossline prime" marks the addition of a premium model to the existing "crossline" family from Sedus. The upgrade differs in the modified support structure, which takes more of a dynamic hour-glass shape than the cross of the original "crossline". Seemingly supported by two strong arms, the new model exudes solidity, support, dynamism, strength and reliability; all qualities which are characteristic of a good manager. The armrest design is simple, plain, with clean lines. Customary setting options have deliberately been omitted here. The armrests are made of polished aluminium with a fine leather finish as standard.

Thanks to its innovative features, the comfort of "crossline prime" is absolutely superlative. Its successful operating concept allows users to adjust the swivel chair to their individual needs. In particular, the "Similar-Plus" mechanism moves in sync with the body, and is one main reason why the new model is so comfortable.

A cantilever and a conference swivel chair complement the functional swivel chair. Their elegance and classic design set the tone in conference, meeting and waiting areas.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.