Sedus is committed to "Made in Germany"

“Made in Germany” is widely regarded as a quality and value proposition. With its production sites in Germany, Sedus makes a clear commitment to its code of values as a manufacturer. These are complemented by high demands in terms of sustainability and a transparent supply chain. Corporate responsibility and hence the socially relevant aspect of preserving jobs in Germany also play a role. A new film series documents important manufacturing skills.

“At Sedus we produce 100 per cent in Germany, and the 'Made in Germany' that in our company stands for engineering skills, quality and high design competence, is an exceptional and important USP,” says Holger Jahnke, Director of Marketing and Sales. “With a new series of films we show important core competencies as a manufacturer, in which our demands with respect to the selection of materials and to processing, but also our planning competence are highlighted.”

With its tradition as an office furniture manufacturer Sedus has roots going back to 1871. For over 60 years, the sensitive treatment of the environment and natural resources has been part of the philosophy of the entire company. With its GRI certification in 2011, the company was the first in the industry to consciously move its holistic corporate view even more into the public eye. The focus is on people. In the sense of the Corporate Social Relationship (CSR) the employees are quite simply the most valuable component in the value chain: one of the aspects of why Sedus is committed to the “Made in Germany” quality seal – to preserve the existing jobs at the manufacturing sites in Dogern (Upper Rhine) and Geseke (East Westphalia) and thus keep the immense know-how as well as process control in house.
The relevant production areas of the high degree of vertical integration at Sedus include: in-house development departments with a certified test laboratory, a tube bending shop for frames, powder coating and electroplating, upholstery and high quality leather processing, chair final assembly, bentwood production and veneer processing, and fully automated table top processing with laser edging.

Holger Jahnke continues: “We use these relationships and arguments in dealing with customers and every day we take visitor groups through our production sites. The guests from all over the world especially love to get the “inside story” of our company and to experience for themselves how our products are created.”

“Made in Germany” stands for quality and durability and therefore creates a clear competitive advantage over discounters and manufacturers of goods whose supply chain is not transparent.

If you have not yet had an opportunity to experience Sedus live, you can watch the “Made in Germany” video series on the Sedus YouTube channel Sedus TV.