Sedus monitor caddy

For mobile use in conference rooms

The new Sedus monitor caddy has been specially designed for the mobile use of flatscreens and for video conference systems. Its perfectly conceived technical integration and innovative technology enables the user to exchange information quickly and efficiently. The structure of the monitor caddy is based on a tubular steel frame on top of a base plate. The front and rear panel is made of black powder-coated sheet metal. The frame itself and the base plate are available in white or white aluminium.

The gid pattern integrated in the front panel allows VESA-compatible flatscreens up to 60" to be screwed to the unit without an additional bracket. This reduces the mounting depth of the monitor. In terms of dimensions, the caddy stands 1,600 mm high, whilst the base plate has a depth of 650 mm and a width of 620 mm. All of the technical equipment connection cables are laid inside the frame of the monitor caddy and concealed by a detachable rear panel. The front panel is prepared for integration of a 3-way “Netbox M3” socket, allowing for laptop feeds from the conference table.

Add-on options are available; for example, for holding video con-ferencing cameras. A second internal organisational element en-ables electronic devices, such as video conferencing codecs, to be stored in the rear panel and for an additional 3-way socket to be integrated. Openings in the base and top of the frame provide adequate ventilation for the equipment.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.