Sedus reception desk: an elegant welcome

Design: formwelt Industriedesign

The comprehensive reception desk range forms one of the new model families and an important part of the Sedus product range. Not only do they offer a choice of attractive reception solutions in a whole array of designs, but the furniture also provides a functional workplace for receptionists.

What's special about the Sedus reception desk range is that the simple carcass serves as the solid base module, which can be complemented by a number of add-ons and extensions. The add-ons are available in an extensive range of materials and colours, from a more formal, minimal style with straight lines and clear, neutral colours to elements characterised by natural lightness or livened up by strong colours. The desk can be finished according to the customer’s individual preferences.
Lighting can also be used to alter the emotional tone of the desk. As soon as a customer sets foot inside the building, a real sense of appreciation and the accented message of the corporate culture becomes apparent, with the desk representing an important interface in the holistic office environment.

Base modules are available in widths of up to four metres and in a choice of straight, curved or boat-shaped contour or, alternatively, with a height gradation in the front: this variation is called the “high to low”. In terms of colour, the desk may be ordered in pure white or graphite black. Solid aluminium profiles positioned between shadow gaps make for an attractive design feature. The base board profiles are also made of aluminium, which give the desk a quality finish. Here, too, a shadow gap gives the desk the impression of floating. Generally speaking, desktops made from 3-ply fine chipboard also run the entire width of the reception desk. Desktops and table tops are available in solid-colour laminates or a variety of wood finishes. Real wood finishes with high-quality veneers offer themselves as an optionally available alternative. Desktops and add-ons are available in metal or MDF.

All add-ons have a bracket which allows them to be attached to the front panel without the use of tools. Because they can be positioned anywhere on the front, the design possibilities are myriad, and are expanded further still by the array of colour variations. A special Softtouch coating gives the metal elements a high-quality leather effect and a pleasant feel, all creating a homely, welcoming atmosphere within the space.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.