Sedus viswing

The creative room divider

The transition we are witnessing in modern styles of working means that the way we furnish our working environment has had to adapt to keep pace. The open space office requires partitioning options which reflect the creative working atmosphere of its open room structure. viswing from Sedus offers elements which enable many diverse, interactive office situations to be created.

The viswing room element is shaped like a sail, and differs from storage partitions in that it offers the advantage of visual transparency. The result is an office space full of light, whose dynamic character directly benefits everyone who works there. These creative meeting zones can be restructured intuitively using viswing elements to adapt proactively to constantly changing space requirements. Thus the transparency and lightness of the viswing elements transform any office into a place with a free and creative working atmosphere.

But despite all the advantages of communicative interaction, a modern workplace must also provide members of staff with the opportunity to retreat. This is where viswing's rotatable design offers various options for implementing individual spaces quickly and easily. Rather like a windsurfing sail, viswing can be aligned to create the desired working atmosphere. For example, horizontal alignment is ideal for quiet, concentrated working, while a vertical sail opens up the workplace to an open space in which creative impulse can fill the office. But that's not all. When used in combination with other viswing elements, exciting configurations can be created. The three-dimensional texture of the finely knitted elastic fabric produces interesting moiré effects, especially if several room elements are overlapped, which gives the office a unique feel.
But it is not only visiwing's fabric texture that creates this three-dimensional effect. The plasticity of the outer frame enables it to bend, giving the textile membrane a slightly shell-like shape. This automatically creates a pleasant feeling of security – despite the essentially transparent aesthetics of the room divider. In addition, the robust base plate ensures great stability, thus further emphasising viswing's protective character.

viswing elements can be installed anywhere in no time at all, and without any structural alterations. Instead of becoming part of a rigid office layout, their lightness and mobility promote a lively and productive working environment. Versatile and interactive meeting zones can be created, which offer a form of protection and privacy, thus adapting perfectly to the requirements of an open space workplace.