A stunning privacy shield and noise protection

As soon as terms such as “noise protection, partition walls and privacy elements” are mentioned, people have certain associations – unsightly, thick-walled system frames, linked by connecting parts, which could have been constructed by an engineer.

Some open-plan offices do indeed look like this, as the trend for open space offices is relentless. Commercial rents in urban centres are soaring and forcing employers as well as planners to “create” offices that are as efficient as possible, in other words, that can accommodate as many employees as possible in a limited space.

At the same time, the aim is to encourage communication and teamwork between office employees with intelligent room planning. It can become quite a balancing act when companies want to encourage open cooperation as well as individual concentrated work. In order to be able to master this balancing act as flexibly and effectively as possible, Sedus has created se:wall, the new partition wall and screen system.

The unique combination of acoustics, design and functionality with an attractive price-performance ratio makes Sedus se:wall very impressive, especially when compared to conventional systems. It provides privacy, zoning and an acoustic screen while ensuring maximum functionality and flexibility with a wide range of products and numerous configurations – which can be customised, if desired. Don’t let the slim appearance fool you. The highly effective fillings comply with absorption class A.

Every element boasts clear contours thanks to the visually reduced functional rails, which when combined with the high-tech look, form a conscious contrast to the soft forms of the fabric surfaces. Well-proportioned single elements nestle closely together, create flowing transitions in the room, and as a result of the elegant and rounded frame mounts, are truly attractive elements.

The range includes partition walls and table screens, which can be placed on, as well as behind, the desks. Four fabric collections provide a wide range of colours and designs with excellent acoustic properties, which also comply with the strictest of fire protection standards. The Sedus design team has also come up with “little helpers”. Accessories include versatile storage areas, screen holders, electric modules and add-on elements that direct sound.

Sedus will be unveiling se:wall – as well as many other product innovations – at the ORGATEC international office trade fair in Cologne from 25 to 29 October 2016, Hall 8, Aisle B, Stand 50.