Technical innovations are revolutionising day to day work in the office

Battery display on your smartphone or laptop showing red? Who has not experienced this moment of panic? Almost everyone has had to rush around looking for an urgently needed power plug or has been desperate for the charger left at home. Are there no intelligent solutions in the conference room, the business lounge and workplace, or even in the car and café?

Yes, there is one. It’s called “wireless charging”. The main advantage of “wireless charging” is the ability to do without charging cables and chargers as Qi technology recognises and charges a wide range of devices.

Qi is the Chinese word for “life energy” and is applied to the standard of the Wireless Power Consortium for wireless energy transmission using electro-magnetic induction which was developed back in 2008. Since its development the Qi standard is supported by more than 1000 devices.

Sedus has been offering the integration of “wireless charging” since 2014 as standard in desks and is therefore one of the pioneers of this technology in the furniture industry. This year, in a world premiere, Sedus will be demonstrating at Orgatec, that induction charging is not only possible for smartphones and tablets, but also for laptops. Qi charging stations have been installed under the tables and shelves of the entire exhibition stand and are marked by a discrete symbol. These charging stations even work under veneered table tops and therefore in top-of-the-range conference facilities. The Qi charging station is only activated if a compatible device is placed on it and is in need of energy. The devices switch to stand-by mode as soon as they are fully charged.

But there is more! The real highlight is the supplementary application of this technology. What sounds like a vision of the future is solved by a simple app which uses Bluetooth to connect to the system. When a staff member enters the office building they can download in real time at the nearest workplace, where they can meet their colleagues, or invite a specific group of people to a meeting.

The Facility Manager receives valuable data about the utilisation of individual areas and can continuously update this information in line with requirements. Thus when utilisation levels are low, entire areas or floors can be closed to save energy, heating and cleaning costs. This means that office utilisation becomes highly efficient through optimal space utilisation.

Along with many other new products, Sedus will be unveiling the new Qi technology at ORGATEC, the international trade fair for office equipment to be held in Cologne from 25th to 29th October. The Sedus stand is number 50 in aisle B of hall 8.