"on spot vero"

Home comfort and elegance in leather – the "on spot vero" lounge chair

As the premium version of the "on spot" product family, the new "on spot vero" lounge chair manages to achieve a balance between austerity and elegance. Designer Judith Daur has created an inviting piece of furniture with a homely look and seat ergonomics that saves space at the workplace. The elegant aesthetics is due to the allover upholstery, which is made of thick leather. Colour-contrasting seams and the natural look of the leather are additional striking features.

The ambition to create an emphatically high-quality product was the basis for design and development of this new chair model, which is a clear counterpart to the simplicity of the existing "on spot" model. "on spot vero" is for use in reception areas and foyers, in the offices of high-ranking executives or in opulently equipped meeting rooms. The lounge chair has a flatter seat inclination and a steeper backrest compared to conventional lounge seats. This guarantees an upright but relaxed sitting position. Without impairing the silhouette in its calm, homogeneous outer appearance, an integrated convex lumbar-support and the seat hollow ensure a uniform distribution of pressure. The thick leather layers of the upholstery have colour-contrasting seams and are available in black, grey or brown. The edges of the upholstery are the same colour as the seams.

The "on spot vero" from Sedus is the real premium version of an uncomplicated piece of seating furniture. It is also very suitable for use at tables and thus for a high-quality and comfortable culture of dialogue. Thanks to the variety of frames made of natural beech or oak as a four-leg model and the height-adjustable swivel chair variants with an aluminium base in six colours, the range of possible designs is extensive.