on spot vero

The first visiting card on which you can sit.

Sedus on spot vero is a must wherever guests and business associates are received and welcomed. In foyers, on executive floors or in prestige meeting rooms, this exclusive version of the on spot chair is a visiting card that leaves behind an unforgettable impression. Exquisite leather, which completely encloses the seat shell in elaborately sewn layers, is an eloquent signal of sophisticated style. And then there are the subtle details such as the coloured seams and the upholstery edges, which are retrospectively given exactly the same colour as the seams. Without question, on spot vero is not just a piece of furniture to sit on; it is, especially and above all, a statement.

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open up modern classic

Craftsmanship that makes the heart beat faster.

How can a prize-winning design be improved on? With a product made by hand. Sedus open up modern classic demonstrates this in a way that can be experienced by all the senses. One example is the soft, fully grained, non-embossed aniline leather, which has a very pleasant feel. The natural characteristics of the leather are retained and give the chair a special, high-quality appearance. At the same time, the generous upholstery provides additional comfort, emphasised by the inviting stepped look of the cushion. Every open up modern classic is made by hand and bears the signature of the Sedus employee who made it. Made in Germany in perhaps its most beautiful form.

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silent rush modern classic

Craftsmanship for brain workers.

In a world of work that is becoming increasingly hectic, it is time to step back and contemplate for a while. Take a seat and relax for a minute. With a hand-made quality that can be experienced with all the senses, silent rush modern classic stands out strikingly from its surroundings. Elaborate seams and upholstery work, as well as exclusive covers such as the aniline leather tanned with olive leaves, give this version of the chair its unique look and feel. An aesthetic pleasure that inspires the sitter to new deeds.

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attention solid wood

As individual as you are.

A desk is not just for working on. It is also an unmissable indicator and clear proof of someone who appreciates personal style. Sedus attention sends a clear signal here. Its elegant design is one of lightness, radiates sophistication and speaks of excellent taste. The person who sits here knows what they want – and this claim is met in even the tiniest detail.

The solid wood top is a very special feature of Sedus attention. The choices are “barrel oak” and “steamed walnut”, which are produced from the wood of the tree trunks. As every tree’s growth is different, every table top is different too. A genuine, and at the same time beautiful and unique item.

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