As of January 2019:
the new 4D armrests from Sedus

A whole new dimension in flexibility

As unique as employees’ wishes.

We all sit differently, yet we all long for comfortability.

The new 4D armrests from Sedus can be individually adjusted in all directions and also enable tool-less width adjustment. Which means users can quickly and easily find the position which is most comfortable for them.

Technical details

(1) Height adjustment range: 100mm

(2) Pad depth adjustment: 40mm

(3) Pad swivel range: 36° both sides

in 3 stages
– inwards, 2 stages: 12 °/ 24 °
– outwards, 1 stage: 12 °

(4) Tool-less width adjustment: +/- 25 mm each side, 50 mm

(5) Max. load capacity: 130 kg

The new 4D armrests are available

for these Sedus products.

Please note:

The new 4D armrests shall replace the 3D armrests on the products shown.

Both the 3D and the 4D armrests can be ordered up to the end of the first quarter.

The 3D armrests are no longer included in the 2019 price list.

Pending orders from 2018 will initially be delivered as specified in 2019.

Order changes are possible at the request of the customer.

The new 4D armrests represent a technical improvement.