How can we shape our working spaces? And what should the working environments in which we work on innovations and projects look like? Recent trends show that the office is increasingly taking on the role of a meeting place for teams, and the home office has established itself as an adequate workplace. This goes hand in hand with the fact that, on the one hand, the demand for individuality and personal needs are becoming more important, and on the other hand, cooperation and the idea of the community are gaining greater relevance than ever before.

With the New Arrivals in spring 2022, new products, upgrades, and modifications will continue to extend the Sedus portfolio. At the same time, it also moves one step further. A step toward a multifaceted working environment that offers everyone exactly what is required to be productive. Whether alone or together, analogue or digital, in the office or  at home – with the New Arrivals and “The Individual Collective”, new connections are made, new dimensions are imagined and the space for new inspiration is created.



A dialogue for the future

The pandemic has proved the importance of acting together as a community. When everybody isolated and worked from home, we realised how important it is to feel the sense of belonging to the same group, to participate in the same rituals and to do it together.

It also highlighted how offices are important as spaces for collaboration, to support collective processes and to build stronger and smarter working communities. All companies – at different levels – understood the need  to re-think themselves to be more resilient to face the challenges of the present and to drive the societal change for a sustainable future. In this complex process, the role of communities is essential, as well as how individuals feel encouraged to take action and to interact with each other.

Current trends show how community managers and influencers gained new roles in companies. They also reveal how office tools and spaces are changing to welcome local and global communities, as in the case study within this INSIGHTS edition: the new Lego headquarters in Billund, Denmark.

A glimpse of Sedus INSIGHTS N° 15 dedicated to the role of individuals in evolving communities.


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