grand slam z

Storage system

When calculating office efficiency the focus is usually on area. But Sedus grand slam z brings that critical dimension into play which converts area into a room. At first sight it appears to be a general storage programme, but there is much more to it than that. The multi-functional cabinet and shelving modules can be used to create zones for very different work areas. Exactly in line with your wishes and requirements, with unrestricted scope for custom-designed office architecture.

Design: Sedus Design Team

Storage space creates a better working environment.

Multi-faceted, temporary forms of work characterise daily life in the office. Formal teamwork and informal exchange, association and separation, activity and recreation are the extremes within which office life is lived. This demands a differentiated office architecture which provides suitable workplaces and directs efficient processes. With the multi-functional storage modules of Sedus grand slam z you can form zones, create workplaces define routes, establish communication areas, secluded retreats and oases of recuperation. And at the same time everything needed in the office is stored and highly organised.

Arranged for optimal value-creation.

An office must reconcile technological factors, economic requirements and human needs. The ability of people to work productively in this environment is in direct proportion to the achievement of this objective. The grand slam z programme was developed to satisfy this proposition. All modules radiate quality and are thought-out down to the last detail. Variable cabinets, drawers, sideboards, room dividers and shelves offer no end of space for the team’s storage requirements, working papers and equipment. There are also sensible supplementary modules and useful accessories for personal requirements. Ideal, particularly for team and bench workplaces: access to the storage space is also possible from either side.


Carcass design with continuous top/bottom shelves, 25 mm or 19 mm thick
Sides are located between the top and bottom shelf
Rebated back panel, 10 mm thick, matching the carcass design
Lockers with different heights and widths
Sliding-door cabinets for double-sided use
Zoning elements on the table, can also be equipped with locker units as well as with a fabric back panel with an acoustic fill
Bridge element
Plant boxes
Steel shelves, melamine coated wooden shelves
Lockable drawers, lockers, shelf unit
Steel base with integrated glides
Alternatively, height-adjustable glides

Sustainability down to the last detail

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