Hygiene protection elements

for better protection in the workplace

se:wall aerosol add-on element

Ideal for workspaces in open-plan offices
Provides additional shielding and safety clearance when required – the transparent add-on plexiglass element for the se:wall. Robust and tiltresistant, it is integrated into the privacy screen element, keeps particles out and can be easily cleaned, if necessary. The add-on element blends perfectly into the surrounding area and can also be retrofitted.

The flexible hygiene protection

Transparent protection for every situation
Special circumstances call for special measures: with the fl exible hygiene protection, shielding is possible in any workplace and in any conference. The transparent plexiglass element is placed in stand supports which also serve as pen trays. No drilling or screwing is necessary, so that the hygiene protection element can be retrofi tted on tables, cabinets and reception desks in a fl exible manner. Due to the anti-slip surface it is always stable, even when it is cleaned.

Protect your employees

Examples of use

Please note that the transparent plexiglass has been made darker in the pictures for better visibility.

Sustainability down to the last detail

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