Free-standing partition walls and screens

Communicative open spaces, team-oriented working and more intensive use of space characterise the evolution of today's world of space. However, these factors often conflict the basic needs of many people. They need quiet so that they can concentrate and therefore work productively. With the se:wall multi-functional and effective acoustic partition wall and screen system, communication and concentration can be optimally reconciled. Its slender and visually light design blends harmoniously into the office landscape and uses its practical functionalities to facilitate the workplace organisation.

Design: Falk Blümler (Sedus Design Team)

Good neighbours.

In open plan offices or open spaces, staff working next to each other can often be doing incompatible jobs. se:wall partition walls ensure that no-one disturbs their neighbour. Acoustically effective and attractively designed, the individual partition walls blend harmoniously together. They form fluid transition points in the room and become highly attractively designed, and stable structural units. The precision, rounded frames lend a clear shape to each panel and form a conscious contrast to the soft, seamless, fabric-covered surfaces.

Focussed on concentration.

se:wall screens can also be installed along the far edge of a desk and are therefore an ideal means of shielding quiet workplaces from more busy areas. Double workplaces, too, can be separated with this version - without physically moving them apart. It is also possible to install them on desks which are adjustable in height such as the Sedus temptation ci, effectively screening the workplace whatever height is selected.



Practically invisible all-round frame with continuous function groove for setting up at different solid angles
Heights and widths in parametric range
Consistent rounded design
Intermediary elements made from melamine or acrylic glass
Screen elements can be placed on as well as behind the desk
Linking by means of system connectors and interlocking profiles
Sound-absorbing core made from self-supporting polyester fleece
Both sides covered with laminated fabric by means of piping technology
Fabric colours and finishes match seating furniture
Organiser groove for holding monitor holders and accessories
Function groove for holding storage trays, electricals and add-on elements, made from felt or acrylic glass
Positioning and attachment
Partition screens from 3 to 4 binder heights, with very precise adjustment Partition screens with foot support and bottom panels or attachment to cabinets or walls Screen elements on the desk available in the heights of 350 – 500 mm and with precise intermediate steps Screen elements behind the desk available in the heights of 500 – 800 mm and with precise intermediate steps
Screen elements compatible with all existing desk ranges
Sound absorption category A
Excellent results in accordance with DIN EN ISO 354, DIN EN ISO 11654 and ASTM C 423



Sustainability down to the last detail

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