swing up

Swivel chair

Weightless sitting. Without effort, without tension, without fatigue. Before there was the Sedus swing up it seemed an unattainable utopia. But now you can experience a completely new quality of sitting. Thanks to scientifically sound, innovative technologies swing up allows exactly the natural sequence of movements that a person needs in order to feel good and stay healthy, to unfold and maintain their full potential. Sedus swing up – so perfect, as if you were floating.

Design: Rüdiger Schaack (Sedus Design Team)

Life is movement. Better sitting is too.

Sedus swing up was developed in a scientific cooperation with the TU Munich. Because to rethink sitting in the office you need to explore the complex interactions of people’s bodies, minds and psyches. The result in a nutshell: freedom of movement is the key. Just as you can see it in children, who still let their natural instinct to move run free. The functionality of an office chair must provide scope for the urge to move that evolution has deeply rooted in humans.

Excellent technology that understands the body.

A person who moves not only feels more comfortable, they can also use their potential for performance better. Livelier sitting thus also means livelier thinking, working and communicating. What is essential is: movement must be able to happen, controlled autonomously by the body. Thanks to the dorsokinetic backrest, its seat surface mounted so it can move in all directions and the powerful return springs, swing up actively responds to every movement of the body. It offers well-measured free spaces and completely adapts to the individual activity profile of its user.

Natural freedom of movement.

A completely new seating concept. The body knows what it needs, Sedus swing up provides it.
The combination of proven Sedus technologies and the patented Similar-Swing mechanism allows frequent changes of posture with uniquely smooth sequences of movement, while optimally absorbing the particularly important lateral hip and pelvic movements and promoting dynamic sitting.



Dorsokinetic mechanism
Height-adjustable backrest
Backrest with membrane cover
3-D armrests with soft-touch covers
Seat mechanism
“Similar-Plus” mechanism
Seat height-adjustment
Sedo-Lift mechanism
Aluminium base, powder-coated black
Hard castors for soft floors
Lumbar support depth adjustment - not possible in
combination with leather-covered backrest (depending on version)
Height-adjustable and tilting neck support
Different cover for backrest upholstery (depending on version)
Backrest with flat upholstery pad
Backrest upholstered
Without armrests
3-D armrests with plastic covers
3-D armrests with gel-pad covers
3-D armrests with leather covers
Enlarged width of armrests (depending on version)
Seat mechanism
Similar-Plus mechanism with tension control and forward tilt to 4°, pre-selectable backrest opening angle
Similar-Swing mechanism deactivated
Seat height-adjustment
Gaslift with mechanical depth-springing
Gas lift mechanism
Plastic base, black
Aluminium base, powder-coated white aluminium
Aluminium base, polished
Large seat (depending on version)
Seat depth adjustment (adjustment range 50 mm)
Soft castors for hard floors


Video: Sedus swing up


Sustainability down to the last detail

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