More flexible, productive and efficient:

The office landscape was once shaped by
fixed roles and rigid structures. But now a growing
number of firms are benefitting from smart working. The ability
to choose how and where to work, depending on what you are doing or
your personal preferences is transforming the way we work at the most basic level
This is what drives greater profitability and happiness at work.


Smart Working isn’t a mere trend.
But a source of competitive advantage.

1. More flexible work

The non-territorial character of Activity Based Working ensures more flexibility and facilitates collaboration with colleagues. For example, the members of a project team can choose their workstations based on their proximity to colleagues with whom they would like to work, so that direct collaboration is possible in real time.

2. Better communication

Proximity improves communication. The more directly information and ideas are exchanged, the better the quality of work and its outcome. The provision of areas for communication, such as group spaces or lounges, means that smart working fosters collaboration and contributes to the direct exchange of information between people. And where employees feel comfortable, they are more productive.

3. More productive work

Greater proximity and the direct exchange of ideas with colleagues have a positive effect on productivity. Working alongside colleagues reduces the need for formal meetings. Projects can be accelerated, decisions made more quickly. Results are achieved in a shorter time and are generally better.

4. More efficient space

Smart working not only offers benefits for employees. The concept is also valuable for firms. Smart surfaces, such as se:connects, allow space to be used more efficiently. Facility managers can immediately identify and respond to low-traffic areas of the office, either by reassigning it or reducing it to save property costs.


se:connects, the Smart Working solution from Sedus.

se:connects is a solution for the use and management of smart working environments. Just as anyone can use a smartphone, so can anyone find a workstation to meet their needs. And facility managers have access to the information they need.


Each workstation can be equipped with a docking area. This is a circular cover which is integrated visibly or discreetly into the work surface. If an employee places their smartphone with the se:connects app on this docking area, they instantly log onto the workstation. At the same time, the smartphone is wirelessly charged by se:connects.


With the se:connects app, every employee can view a plan of the office floor plan on their smartphone and immediately see which workstations are currently occupied and which are available. In addition, the app allows colleagues to be found throughout the office, providing them the freedom to choose their workplace and to collaborate with the person they want.


se:connects is an intelligent and complete service solution. This can include detailed planning through to installation, maintenance and modifications. A full training package for both users and facility managers are part of the service support provided.