Frequently asked questions

Are the employees under complete surveillance?

No, the employees will not be monitored more or less than before. Even though the system knows the bookings and the corresponding people, all personal references are deleted at the end of the day. From a technical point of view, it is, therefore, not possible to report anyone. An employee can be located by other employees if the respective setting has been enabled. However, this function can be disabled if it is not desired.

Is the privacy of the employees guaranteed when they use se:connects?

Yes, any time. It is not possible to create movement profiles or assign data to a specific user.

Can I use the app to cancel meeting rooms?

Yes, bookings can be cancelled under the menu item “My Bookings”. You can also cancel a booking via Outlook, for example.

I do not trust the cloud. Is my data really safe there?

Yes, your data is safe! se:connects runs by default in the “earthDATAsafe”. It is Austria’s most secure data centre, built 900 metres deep into the mountain. It manages and processes banking transactions, flight safety data and similar critical data.

Do I have to integrate the new hardware into my intranet?

You don’t have to, but it makes things easier. The se:connects gateway only requires an open Internet connection. This connection can also be easily established via the guest WLAN. To do so, the MAC addresses must be enabled via your admin. This does not, however, affect the internal IT infrastructure. Another option would be to provide a parallel infrastructure.

Can I import external systems, such as catering?

Yes, if the external systems have an open interface, they can be integrated. Please contact us. We will be happy to send you an offer.