Technology with a future

iBeacon connectivity

iBeacon is a standard Bluetooth signal that is integrated into the docking area and can connect to all smartphones. It consumes little energy, is low-radiation and links the smartphone with the se:connects system. Another advantage, that the IT department will particularly appreciate, is that se:connects does not require a connection to an internal company network.

Qi charging function

Each docking surface has an inductive Qi charging field for low radiation wireless charging of smartphones. More and more devices are equipped with the corresponding charging function and can use this field. This means you will not have to worry about charging cables or searching an electrical outlet.

Integration at work

Invisible integration

The docking surfaces can also be located directly under the surface of the workstation so that they are not visible. An icon on the work surface indicates the position of the docking area. This minimalist approach is best suited for worksurfaces that require more discreet aesthetics.

Visible integration

Every workstation can be equipped or retrofitted with the docking area. In case of the visible integration option, the docking surface is seamlessly fitted into the worksurface and covered. The docking area is evident and intuitively indicates the use of se:connects.