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What is wireless charging of smartphones?

Cordless charging works via electromagnetic induction. The energy is radiated from a charging field and received by a terminal, such as a smartphone. The most widely used technology for this is Qi.

What benefits does cordless charging offer?

Firstly, no charging cable is needed; the smartphone has a fixed place on the desk and charges itself.

Is wireless charging faster or slower than charging by cable?

Modern systems for cordless charging are as efficient as charging cables. The latest Qi charging fields can even provide higher power ratings. Smartphones, which are equipped for this, charge themselves considerably faster than with a conventional charging cable.

The smartphone gets warm on the cordless terminal – is that normal?

Yes, this is completely normal and absolutely safe. Heat is also generated when charging by cable, but in that case on the charging cable or adapter.

How does electromagnetic radiation affect people?

The charging terminals have an extremely short range and are only activated when a smartphone is placed on them. Therefore, the radiation is extremely low and has no effect on humans.

What technical requirements do companies need to be able to use se:connects?

In order to use the charging function, Qi-enabled smartphones are required. At the same time, a power supply must be available at each workstation, to which the docking surfaces of se:connects can be linked. In addition, a wireless Internet connection is required (3G or WLAN).

Is se:connects connected to the corporate network?

No, se:connects is a stand-alone system. This means that no interfaces are created, so that the security architecture of internal networks is not affected.

How can employees get the se:connects app?

Since the app is exactly adapted to each company, it is not available in public app stores. All employees receive a special link with which they can download the app.

Is the anonymity of employees guaranteed when they use se:connects?

Yes, at all times. It is not possible to follow their movements or assign data to a specific user.

Does the dock draw current permanently?

No, it is basically in a standby mode. When the smartphone with the receiver is placed on the docking area, charging begins. As soon as the battery is fully charged, the system shuts down automatically.

What happens when I place a metal object (e. g. a clock) on the surface – does it heat up?

No, as soon as the system detects metal, it turns off automatically.