As simple as it is effective.
The app for teams.

Find workstations and
colleagues with an app

1. Find workspace

The se:connects app includes a floor plan of the entire workplace. This displays how workstations and facilities are assigned in real time so that the user can instantly identify which spaces are occupied (red) and which are available (green).

2. Find colleagues

If working places can be chosen every day anew, how can colleagues be found? The se:connects app keeps a record of people and their contact details. A click on the name of the person you need to connect to is enough for you to find where he or she is working. The people you work with most often or the members of a particular project can be saved in a favourites list.

3. Automatical booking of meeting rooms.

The se:connects app automatically books you into and out of meeting rooms. If one or more people enter a room, in a minute’s time it is automatically flagged as occupied. Only when the last participant has left the room, it is marked again as available in the app.

4. Occupy and use workstations

In order to occupy a particular workstation, all you have to do is place the smartphone on the se:connects docking area. In the office layout displayed on the app, the colour of the workstation changes immediately to red so that other employees can see that this space is occupied. The smartphone can be used as normal and removed from the docking area. The workstation is not displayed as available until the user docks on another one or has been away from the workstation for a set time.

Evaluating how space is utilised:

the key to an efficient workplace.

Targeted analysis and interpretation

So which workstations are most popular with people and which are rarely used? Is there really a need for another conference room, if the utilisation of the existing space is just 30 percent? These and other questions can be answered with se:connects.

Utilisation data is stored and processed in a secure web portal and can then be analysed and mined depending on your objectives. Facility managers have access to an amazing tool to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of space. This can cut rental and operating costs for occupiers and increase job satisfaction levels. se:connects makes both possible.

Highest levels of security and data protection

All data on the use of the workstations are collected anonymously by se:connects. This means that utilisation data for a workspace cannot be assigned to a specific employee at any time. Facility managers and all who use the web portal for analysis only have access to aggregated data.

se:connects offers other security features. Employees’ smartphones do not have to be connected to the internal IT network, so no critical interfaces are created. Connection and data transmission takes place directly between smartphones and the se:connects system, which also ensures maximum reliability.