Individually adjustable double workstation

Sedus temptation twin

Design: speziell ®

As a flexible modular system for the configuration of bench solutions, the double workstation range combines numerous advantages: improved communication at the workstation, individual height adjustment and row formation of several workstation units combined with intelligent linkage and cable management. Three height-adjustment versions are available as ergonomically important features: telescopic, lever or motorised. The unified design allows the various height adjustment options to be combined within a bench row whilst still ensuring a visually harmonious look.

As an alternative to bench configuration, the system can also be combined to form a spine solution. Here, the central axis is made up of cable-managed temptation storage units to which the desks are laterally connected. The cables run out of sight below the top of the storage units, which can additionally be covered with cushions. This allows aesthetic and complete cable management even in offices without a raised floor. The cable routing system of this product family is one of its key and most impressive qualities which offers a whole range of advantages.

Sedus temptation twin promotes communication, but when used in conjunction with the matching desk-mounted screens, it also aids concentrated individual work. The double desk is equally suitable for conventional cubicle offices and can be  harmoniously combined with all the desks and tables in the tried-and-tested Sedus temptation range.
Each workstation can be customised with a PC housing mount, laptop holder, monitor bracket, desk-mounted screen, function bridge for storage elements and accessories. Cable dumps, sliding tops, various cable outlets and interconnecting elements complete the linking and cable management options. Depending on the height-adjustment version used, a workstation height of between 650 mm and 850 mm can be achieved with the telescopic and lever versions, and between 650 mm and 1250 mm with the motorised option. Linear desk tops with a depth of 800 or 900 mm and widths of 1600, 1800 and 2000 mm are available. A range of real wood and laminate finishes in single colours or wood decors can be chosen from.
Workstations with motorised height adjustment are the ideal choice when staff wish to alternate between sitting and standing at the desk. A high lifting capacity is ensured with the sliding guide; height adjustment is smooth and silent and includes a special soft start/stop feature.

About the design team

When Sybille Fleckenstein, Jens Pohlmann and Thilo Schwer set up their design office in 2002 they named it “speziell” in order to emphasise that, for every single project, they look for unique, surprising and, indeed, special solutions. Seeking to turn the everyday into something special – that’s what drives the three product designers. They believe in the strength of a design process to which various team members contribute their own experience and expertise. This results in impressive solutions which are not based on an individual’s ego but derived from a joint approach.

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