“Okay Benjamin, I‘m going to ask you
one of our more telling questions for all of our interns,
so I want you to like, this is the one to really think about, okay?
Where do you see yourself in ten years?”


“When I‘m 80?”


Facts and figures: Generation Flex

Having different generations at work in the same space is now a
key factor in organisational success. We must find new ways to address
the priorities of individuals and nurture each person's wellbeing.

THE EXPERT TALKS: How to promote multigenerational collaboration

An interview with Jasmine Torfi from Swisscom, the leading
telecommunication company in Switzerland based in Ittigen,
near the capital city of Bern.


Eight examples of spaces, applications, initiatives,
policies, products and services that showcase the importance
of getting workplace strategy right.

THE CASE STUDY: Medibank place

Medibank is australia‘s largest health insurance company
and its aim is to have the best health outcomes for its members,
employees and the wider community.

SOLUTIONS-TIPS TO TREASURE: Solutions for smart working

How can office furniture solutions offer the chance
to adapt space quickly and effectively in response to the
continually changing needs of individuals and teams?

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