Sedus AR App

Real spaces can be represented and furnished with virtual Sedus products with the help of the augmented reality technology. The digital catalogue contains numerous items of furniture in different designs that can easily be selected and inserted into the virtual environment. It is possible to look for a particular product or to gain inspiration while browsing through the pages.    

  • The core of the Sedus AR app is the Augmented Reality function with which Sedus products can be experienced live in one's own four walls.
  • True-to-scale 3D models can be projected into the real environment without difficulty – the Sedus world thus becomes more interactive than ever before.
  • Distracting elements in the room can simply covered over with the unique White Room function.
  • Favourite examples of furnishings can be saved for later or simply sent as images to colleagues, customers and friends.

Sedus AR App for Apple devices: click here for the iTunes Store

Sedus AR App for Android devices: click here for the Playstore