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Self-adjusting swivel chair for multi-user workstations.
se:flex is a must where multi-user workstations prevail. Then thanks to the intelligent automatic weight system, it is able to adjust automatically to all users. At the same time, the backrest can follow every movement of the user, resulting in maximum freedom of movement and a healthy sitting in all positions.


Dynamic swivel chair for agile working.
Arrive, sit down, get going: you don’t need to spend ages setting the se:motion as it adjusts automatically to each user. The dynamic initial impression created by the design is reflected in the flexibility which se:motion provides in the office. A spontaneous get-together at the bench?
A brief glance at your neighbour? Simply roll on over. Given its handy changeable upholstery, se:motion can be customised in next to no time without the need for tools.


A comfortable all-rounder with an ergonomic design.
Inspired by the human body: se:spot not only looks great, but also impresses with its cosy charm. What’s more, it feels as good as it looks! The pleasant lumbar curvature ensures a healthy posture for the spine. The upholstery covers in a range of colours are also extremely comfortable. What’s more, these covers allow se:spot to be adapted for use in casino, lounge or meeting rooms.


Stimulating standing seat for flexible working.
Movement is not just good for the body. Movement also stimulates the mind. With se:fit, Sedus has developed a versatile standing seat which encourages users to move around and also facilitates agile sitting and leaning. se:fit can be steplessly adjusted in height and easily carried along by its handle whether at a standing desk, bench and where standing seating is the order of the day.

get together

Expansion of the multifunctional bench system.
Sedus get together is one of the most used bench systems. And that is no coincidence – after all, get together offers maximum flexibility and is ideal for both fixed workstations and for touch-down concepts. The extensive range of accessories and equipment is now complemented by highquality wooden bases to create a more homely, cosy look.

temptation smart twin

Electric height-adjustable double bench for better ergonomics.
Flexibility and freedom of design due to an intelligent electrification concept. This is ideally complemented
by the electrified temptation storage. The result is fast power and data access and a clean appearance.


Screens and privacy at the workstation.
The more open and communication-intensive the world of work becomes, the more important privacy screen elements become. Sedus sets new standards in this field with its enhanced se:screen product family. The freestanding screens and privacy elements are visually appealing with their slender frames and can be planned with millimetre precision.


Closed and flexible room-in-room modules.
Open-space areas and large offices are great when it comes to making the most of the available space.
But what about when concentrated working is required? Introducing se:cube, the rapid response for creating new spaces. The new office cube from Sedus has set new standards in terms of assembly, acoustics and atmosphere and offers space for up to eight people space to retreat, hold meetings or relaxation.


Flexible and expandable room-in-room system.
As open office landscapes become increasingly common, there is a growing need for privacy. With se:space Sedus offers a sophisticated and intelligent room-in-room system. Whether for meetings, brainstorming sessions or video conferences: se:space can be planned and assembled quickly with suitable furnishing concepts and preplanned work settings.

Sedus colour collection 2019+

Stimulating colour worlds and surfaces.
How well we can concentrate or relax is also influenced by the colours and surfaces that surround us. The same applies for creative working and communicating. The colour worlds and surfaces in the new Sedus colour collection 2019+ are harmoniously matched to a wide variety of work situations and can be intuitively combined with one another.


Networked room controlling system for smart working and facility managers.
se:connects is an intelligent system for managing workstations in smart working environments. Employees can easily find a suitable workplace using a smartphone, while work environments can be optimized with the help of occupancy data. With the further development of se:connects, this data can be captured even more precisely and evaluated even more comprehensively.


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