Screening and flexible partitioning in an instant

Sedus viswall

Design: speziell ®

Transparency and openness in offices can have a negative impact on the ability of staff to concentrate and on their sense of well-being.
Sedus viswall screens with rotating slats provide the perfect solution for combining open-plan office design with confidentiality and distraction-free zones. Their flexibility means that users can partition off an area in an instant and alternate between allowing slight transparency and complete privacy.

It is not just office-based workers who require a separate space, the same is also true for staff who use communication areas. For small meetings in particular, for example at the Sedus temptation high desk, the screening elements create a confidential feel and, at the same time, enable zones to be structured.

A tubular steel frame covered with fabric forms the basis of the elements. An acoustic filling with 25 mm thick polyester fleece is also possible. Both screen versions are 25 mm thick. Steel base plates measuring 800 mm in width and 280 mm in depth each support two push-fit rotatable slats. The integrated swivel element allows each slat to be rotated through 360°. The pointed base plates allow the modules to be positioned in a row, staggered or oriented in different directions.

About the design team

When Sybille Fleckenstein, Jens Pohlmann and Thilo Schwer set up their design office in 2002 they named it “speziell” in order to emphasise that, for every single project, they look for unique, surprising and, indeed, special solutions. Seeking to turn the everyday into something special – that’s what drives the three product designers. They believe in the strength of a design process to which various team members contribute their own experience and expertise. This results in impressive solutions which are not based on an individual’s ego but derived from a joint approach.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.