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Presentation of trend expert Birgit Gebhardt:
New Work Order – Working environments become learning environments

What do companies have to do to face the challenges of the (near) future? What kind of working environment needs to be created to recruit, keep and motivate a competent staff? What changes are necessary for them to be among the winners?

Nothing is more intimidating than change. Trend expert Birgit Gebhardt is well aware of this. Her customer list includes both large corporations and small to medium-sized companies all haunted by the same topic: What does the future hold?

In her presentation, Birgit Gebhardt introduces new learning environments bundling her insights form pedagogy, brain research, psychology, experimental research, communication, architecture and design.

Dates: May 24 and May 25, at 11 am each
Address: Sedus Showroom, 157A St John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4DU
Phone: +44 (0) 20 75 66 39 90, E-mail:

The presentation addresses architects, specialist planners, office equipment experts and, of course, also entrepreneurs who have to face the challenges of the future. It is about keeping competent employees, winning new ones, reconciling old and young, i.e. know-how accumulated over time and the latest knowledge, as well as creating learning environments that will release maximum creativity

For her study, Birgit Gebhardt spent months researching ground-breaking learning environments. She found positive approaches in universities and schools of our European neighbours: Playful learning experience and integrated learning systems create new attractiveness. Blended Learning breaks the mould of our traditional educational boundaries, uses extended realities, fuses with entertainment and is available 24/7.

The Lecturer
Birgit Gebhardt | Trend expert

Birgit Gebhardt is a trend researcher who focuses on the future of the work environment. She supports think tanks, promotes the development of an agile leadership and work culture, and offers future-oriented learning resources. Her consulting work is based on 12 years of project management at Trendbüro, whose Managing Director she has been for five years.

The research series NEW WORK ORDER
Research series on networked work culture

The research series NEW WORK ORDER was launched in 2012 to examine the transformation of office communication. It was followed by the indepth study “Organisations in Transition” (2014) and the current study, “Creative Learning Environments”. These qualitative studies were prepared by Birgit Gebhardt for the Interior Business Association (IBA).