Successful appearance at Orgatec in Cologne

At the end of October Sedus and its International sales team, numbering more than 100 people, attended the most important trade fair of the office furniture industry, featuring a large number of new products for the creative and modern office on its 1,300 m² stand.

The exciting architecture of the new exhibition stand impressively demonstrated how office work of the future can appear – sophisticated, organisational, and with application solutions tailored to meet specific needs, in an attractive atmosphere of well-being in which communication and teamwork form an essential part of work.

Managing Director Holger Jahnke was clearly enthusiastic about the very positive reception, “On the first day of the exhibition we received over 20% more visitors on our stand than in 2014. This clearly demonstrates that we are on the right course with our new topics and that we have a further opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and extend our share of international markets”.

Sedus is among the top 10 European office furniture manufacturers and exports over 40% of its output. In the first three quarters of this year the Sedus Group recorded a 6.6% increase in its order intake to a total of approximately EUR 141 million. Turnover for the same period was 8.0% higher than the previous year at approximately EUR 138 million. Holger Jahnke again, “We expect that the last quarter will also be equally pleasing.”

Koelnmesse, the exhibition organisers, recorded an increase in visitor numbers to over 56,000 from 118 different countries, an increase of over 10%, and therefore an outstanding result. Figures produced by the Research Institute of the German Federal Employment Agency, demonstrate the increasing importance of office furniture and equipment. In the last 50 years the proportion of the working population who are employed in offices in Germany has increased by about 10%, to just under 50%. Forecasts indicate that this proportion will increase considerably over the next few years. The computer has already become an indispensable accompaniment for over 80% of all office-workers. This development is bringing enormous problems in its wake, as sitting incorrectly and sitting without moving for excessive periods, can be harmful to health.

The Waldshut-based ergonomics specialist, already has the right answers. Firstly, the answer is to have ergonomically perfect work-places which enable the user to alternate between working while sitting and standing for the sake of his or her health, and secondly, the answer is also to have intelligent spacial concepts which actively encourage movement and communication.

With its newly created Sedus ergo+ brand, Sedus is offering a comprehensive service package, dedicated exclusively to protecting the health of office workers.

A further challenge is the growing demand for office space, which is leading to a continuous increase in property prices. Professional planners are finding themselves confronted by the task of accommodating as many work-places as possible, in as few square metres as possible. “Open space”, “desk sharing” and “nomadic working” are the magic words which perhaps bring a smile to the faces of facility managers and accountants but not necessarily to the faces of the people who have to work in such environments.

Holger Jahnke, “Every problem also conceals the opportunity of making improvements. With the help of design concepts and intelligent technical solutions we can not only mitigate such situations, but also help companies to use space more efficiently and offer staff an efficient working environment. People and their ideas are now the most expensive productive capital which determine the success of a business. Placing people and their needs at the very forefront of our attention is an absolutely essential part of the Sedus philosophy.”