Facade reflecting corporate culture

High bay warehouse at Sedus Stoll AG is a major landmark

A cubic building with an unusual facade that is visible far and wide stands prominent on the upper Rhine at Dogern.
16,000 25 x 160-centimetre metal panels and twenty warm colours join to build its abstract appearance. The complex harmonises with colours in its environment, reflects shades and tints from the production facility, the small town, neighbouring fields and meadows, as well as the nearby Black Forest: the high bay warehouse owned by Sedus Stoll AG Waldshut in Dogern and designed by Berlin architects Matthias Sauerbruch and Louisa Hutton.

An object of pride for employees working for one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of office furniture, management also sees the colourful facade as an interpretation of the variety in office chair manufacturing, which in theory offers hundreds of millions of different options. Dr. Bernhard E. Kallup, Chairman of Sedus Stoll AG, comments: “We offer huge product variety for all potential applications. Our broad portfolio for administration, communication and regeneration scenarios includes millions of technical and visual options, to ensure that no restrictions are put on architects and special building project managers. The warehouse architects have symbolised this freedom in their facade design.”

Flexibility, openness and transparency, excellent design, top quality and optimal ergonomics – these are all principles that were to be visualised through the architecture. Sauerbruch / Hutton translated them into a harmonised mosaic of colours, which embeds the dominant high bay warehouse in its environment and, at the same time, sets a striking note in the design-focused company’s appearance. Sedus Stoll has won many design prizes and not only for its products: in 2002 it was awarded the Good Buildings Prize from the Association of German Architects for extension and improvement work on its office and administration building in Dogern.

“Architecture expresses the corporate culture, and therefore helps our staff to identify with the company," Chairman Dr. Bernhard E. Kallup explains Sedus Stoll’s sophisticated concept. There are probably not many firms with employees that are proud of a warehouse building.”

In the near future Sedus Stoll has plans to build a new development and innovation centre at Dogern. The architects: Matthias Sauerbruch and Louisa Hutton.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.