New Sedus competence centres in Dogern and Geseke

Sedus has unveiled its vision for the future of manufacturing at its two factories in Germany, with a major programme of modernisation and construction to create new competence centres. The overall investment in the new facilities will exceed €20 million, with the main part of the budget focussed on new and refurbished administrative buildings as well as new manufacturing layouts in Dogern and Geseke.

Work has already begun at the two sites in the Upper Rhine and in East Westphalia. At the Sedus plant in Dogern construction is underway on a state of the art new office complex which will become the new home for the sales and marketing team who are currently based at the headquarters building in nearby Waldshut. The building currently used by the development will then become a major, new experience center with a showroom and seminar facilities. The opening of the new space will take place by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, at the Geseke site which is home to Sedus Systems GmbH, an additional floor will be added to the existing office building to create a new showroom space. All administrative spaces will be refurbished and employees will move in this year to enjoy the improved new facility. The new showrooms will become international centres of excellence for customers, in line with the current network of Sedus showrooms across Europe.

The changes will have a profound effect on the business, according to Holger Jahnke, Spokesman of the Board. "The new, rebuilt and expanded buildings will create two attractive Sedus competence centres that are incomparable in the industry. They will become world class spaces for our own employees but also living examples of best practice for customers. There is no better way for us to confirm the thinking behind new products than for us to work with them ourselves, because we are just as focussed on the benefits of workplaces as our customers.

“Anyone who works with Sedus understands the quality associated with a brand that is made in Germany and valued in more than 50 countries worldwide. We remain at the cutting edge of market developments and understand how to make workplaces future proof and protect the investment of clients. This requires an analysis of work processes and culture as well as an understanding of the identity and goals of each business. Only then are we able to design a tailor-made solution. This will also incorporate guidance for users, a full service offering, products and after sales guarantees. We call this complete package ‘Sedus Future Proof’ which encompasses professional consultancy, a full package of services and long-term product continuity, to ensure we provide a solution that meets present needs and is able to adapt to the future.”

Employees were fully engaged with the design of the new facilities, with people consulted in a series of workshops, in exactly the same way Sedus advises customers. According to Holger Jahnke: "With the new buildings, which are among the most modern office spaces in Germany, we prove our competence as an innovative office design and fit-out specialist. In order to achieve the best results with ideas that work in both theory and practice we engage expert designers for acoustics, climate control and lighting and a range of other specialists.”

At the same time as this programme of construction, a new layout will be realised at the plant in Dogern which will optimise the manufacturing process. According to Technical Director Daniel Kittner: "With the new production layout, we can increase productivity, which will in turn improve delivery times. Since we produce only on order and from a batch size of one, we offer millions of variants and respond directly to the individual needs of our international clients."

Sedus Stoll Group closed the 2016 financial year with sales of over € 188 million and employs around 900 people.