Sedus meet chair range expanded

Design meet table: Modus Design & speziell ®
Design meet chair bar stool: Markus Dörner & Klaus Nolting
Design meet chair swivel chair and visitor chairs: designship ulm ® & Markus Dörner

A furniture range designed to bring people together and to make such get-togethers as enjoyable and comfortable as possible! Further models have been added to the existing Sedus meet chair range (designship ulm & Markus Dörner) which, in combination with meet table, forms an extraordinary ensemble.
The range now includes a swivel chair and three different bar stool models as well as a newly designed 4-leg and sled leg model. The bar stools come exclusively with a wooden shell and, as a new feature, the 4-leg and sled leg models and the swivel chair are now also available with a wooden shell. All models with a wooden shell can be upholstered. They are perfect for informal communication zones in offices, canteens, bistros, or for temporary individual workstations and seminar rooms.

The chairs with a plastic shell are manufactured using the mono-sandwich process and come in five different shades. This construction method gives them a very slimline look whilst also making them sturdy and highly elastic – the perfect combination of elegance and comfort.
The felt seat upholstery with anti-slip surface in five different shades can be used to add a colourful touch.

The swivel chair boasts additional features in the shape of height adjustment and a five-star base. Its elegant look is emphasised by the contrasting shades of anthracite and black used for the base. This model has proven itself to be a flexible all-rounder, particularly for project work at team tables or for temporary use at individual  workstations.

The new bar stools are an ideal enhancement not only at the bar and in bistro areas but also in meeting situations at standing tables, for example at the Sedus temptation high desk. The universal model with central column creates a truly special impression thanks to its classic lines, and with its height-adjustment feature it can be used virtually everywhere. The sled leg model is both elegant and understated. It is the perfect partner to the temptation high desk or at the bar. The cantilever model is an ideal match for the “meet table” standing table. Ergonomic shells made of moulded laminated wood with a strikingly simple design and rounded edges can also be upholstered. Numerous veneers, wood stains and laminate finishes are available for the wooden elements. All the textiles from the Sedus collection can be used for the fabric upholstery.

The ecological credentials of the new meet chair models speak for themselves: 81% of the swivel chair is recyclable, for the sled leg frame chair with plastic shell this figure is over 85% and the remaining models, which are all primarily made of steel, are up to 97% recyclable. Easy disassembly and maintenance with simple replacement of parts and various certificates, including Greenguard and Toxproof – this is what makes these chairs so special. They all satisfy the requirements of EMAS III and DIN ISO 14001 in terms of environmental management during production. The Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) stamp and GS mark are testament to the sturdiness and safety of Sedus products.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.