Sedus offers comprehensive consultation and implementation services for integrated media and conference technology

As a manufacturer of high-quality office furnishing systems and, as such, a provider of complete solutions, the company based in Waldshut, Germany offers a comprehensive range of consultation and implementation services for the conference sector.

Today, in the age of Web 2.0, the possible applications of new media go well beyond the use of conventional conference technology in the shape of laptops and projectors for presentations. The quick and simple exchange of digital data on the relevant platforms is essential for smooth-running communication between staff and within project teams. The increase in mobile Internet use as a result of smartphones and tablet PCs has accelerated this development. At the same time, operation of the hard and software has become more complex for users.

When planning office and conference rooms, it is essential that media technology requirements be defined at an early stage in order to incorporate the right and ideally coordinated solutions from the word go. This enables the technology to be seamlessly integrated into high-quality conference suites, which aids intuitive operation for users. When not in use, the media technology blends discreetly into the background.

For the customer, media integration during the initial planning stage results in customised solutions from a single source. As part of the jointly defined and planned “furniture and media technology” package, the technology can be installed in a professional, seamless and high-quality manner.
From the very start, Sedus helps customers to define their requirements and also offers a manufacturer-independent overview of the current technologies for the particular specification.
Media technology experts in Product Management are on hand to offer advice on the project and consult with partners from the media technology sector in terms of technical integration.

Examples of applications

Workstation solutions:
All Sedus desk systems include standard or advanced cable management and media integration. This includes cable channels, cable outlets, monitor brackets and function rails for the attachment of additional elements. What's more, the Sedus temptation twin product family also offers fully integrated cable management tailored to the temptation storage unit range. By combining these two families, a completely independent workstation structure can be created which can be configured as a bench or spine solution without the need for raised floors and without visible cable routing. Additional power modules can be integrated into the tops of the storage elements. This allows staff and colleagues who join meetings at short notice to also connect their IT devices to the power supply.

high desk:
The Sedus temptation high desk with optional media integration in various configuration levels aids both formal and informal communication and thus enhances furnishing solutions, particularly for the open space and central zones of offices.
Instead of a leg frame, a media panel can be installed on the narrow side of the high desk. An LCD screen can be mounted on the panel, which can be finished with either high-quality veneers, in single colours or wood decors. Depending on customer requirements, both laptops and tablet PCs can be integrated via the desktop power module, and a mini PC can be connected below the desktop.

The central elevated positioning of the screen enables all those involved in the meeting to see the presentation. The fully equipped temptation high desk with integrated monitor and user-friendly access to the network, monitor and power supply facilitates meetings by offering state-of-the-art presentation technology. The fixed installation of the screen and connections in the high desk also radically reduces the time required to set up the presentation technology prior to meetings. This means users have direct access to all tools even for spontaneous meetings.

Mobile conference solutions:
Cable and media boxes as well as cable outlets can be integrated into the tables of the mobile Sedus no limits conference system, which can be quickly configured to suit the specific requirement, application and participants. Thanks to the special electronics, the tables can be linked up to give all users access to presentation media at the touch of a button.

High-quality conference solutions:
Particularly for the fixed furniture found in prestigious conference rooms - with Sedus mastermind, for example - convenient and elegant coordination of visual and spoken presentations provides a professional solution. All of the media and building technology can be centrally controlled via a touch panel. With programmed scenarios such as “Presentation”, the technology in the entire room can be prepared at the touch of a button and there is no need for the user to grapple with complex systems.

This media control option also allows the simultaneous distribution of analogue and digital signals via a single network cable, thus ensuring the future-proof connection of sources such as laptops and tablet PCs.

Mirror projection:
Mirror projection integrated in the table offers the advantage that the projector is not visibly installed in the room and thus when not in use is completely concealed under the table top. The projector turns on and off automatically when the mirror flap is opened and closed. Connection is via integrated power modules.
Light intensity, projection distance, the desired image width as well as the height of the bottom edge of the image must all be precisely coordinated to get the best possible results. This set-up can be integrated, for example, in the Sedus temptation team table, but also in all other table models as from a certain table top size.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.