Sedus extends Board of Directors

Due to increasing challenges facing the company in its traditional markets and the new duties involved in expanding business in new markets in India, the Arab countries, Asia and eastern Europe, Sedus Stoll AG, Waldshut, is set to enlarge its Board of Directors.

The Supervisory Board has appointed Holger Jahnke (47) as Director of Sales, Marketing and Brand Management with effect from 1 September 2012. This was formerly one of Chairman Dr. Bernhard E. Kallup's responsibilities.

Following a successful career in the sales department at Klöber, a Sedus subsidiary, Holger Jahnke held various executive positions at Wilkhahn and Dauphin Office Interiors and has an expert reputation in the industry.

Alongside his responsibilities for the Engineering division, company Chairman Dr. Bernhard E. Kallup will focus to a greater ex-tent in future on the company's strategic orientation. Carl-Heinz Osten retains his post as director of the company's finances.

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