Pleasing result

2016 with a sales increase of 5.3%

Incoming orders continue to increase also in the first months of 2017

After the successful fiscal year of 2015, the Sedus Stoll Group closed 2016 again with an increase in incoming orders (+4.3 %), sales (+5.3 %) and net income for the year (EUR 9.5 million).

With total sales at EUR 188.5 million, the fiscal year of 2016 is one of the three best years in the company’s history. Incoming orders in the first four months of 2017 range already +4.2% above those of the previous year.

This pleasant operating result keeps the Sedus Stoll Group on a growth track and has enabled the company to expand its market share in terms of total market order growth. The development of incoming orders and sales is virtually parallel.

However, the total growth rates of the international office furniture market amounting to +2.8% in 2016 are significantly decreased as opposed to the previous year (+6.9%). Neither the announced Brexit nor political uncertainties in Europe and the USA have had a noticeably negative effect so far.

The divisions of the Sedus Stoll Group in detail

The Sedus Seating product segment (office seating, communication and contract furniture) recorded an increase in orders amounting to a total of 2.2% to EUR 96.7 million. However, a slight decline of -0.8% in the domestic market was opposed by a considerable growth of +6.0% abroad.

Furthermore, the Sedus Systems product segment (office furniture, desk and storage unit systems) achieved a 7.1% increase in orders to EUR 65.2 million. While the order volume in Germany stagnated, sales abroad grew by 16.9%.

Also the business of Klöber (office seating furniture, conference and lounge furniture) developed positively in 2016. In this segment, incoming orders range +5.3% above the previous year’s level, i.e. +3.9% in Germany and +9.5% abroad.

New products and success factors

New products also contribute to the successful development and were presented at the Orgatec trade fair in October 2016 and just recently at the Salone Ufficio in Milan. Four of the Sedus innovations (the se:do swivel chair, the se:line conference chair, the se:works lounge furniture system, the se:wall partition and acoustics system) have already received a total of eight top-class design awards. The Klöber Klimastuhl offering the world’s first individual temperature regulation is becoming increasingly popular.

Sedus turns its attention especially to current trends and changes in the office world. New forms of working and organisational structures demand flexible, aesthetic furnishing and customised solutions facilitating movement and communication, with a special focus on employee health.


The results of the first months of 2017 speak for a continuously stable order situation. Despite an array of political and economic uncertainties particularly on an international level, management assumes that the total business will develop positively in 2017 due to the continuingly favourable economic situation.

The extensive building projects and building restorations will continue to optimise material flow, production processes and also the administrative areas. This will secure our three German company locations in a sustainable way.