Excellent result for 2015.

The Sedus Stoll Group records a 13.3% increase in sales

The Sedus Stoll Group records a 13.3% increase in sales and an excellent result for 2015. The Sedus Stoll Group concluded the year 2015 with exceptional gains in incoming orders (+ 10.8%), sales (+13.3%) and net income for the year (EUR 10.9 million)

With a successful first quarter, the start in 2016 was also very promising.

In addition to favourable economic framework conditions both in Germany and abroad, accompanied by a 6.9% growth in the office furniture market, one of the decisive factors for this positive development was a significant increase in orders and sales abroad, in particular in the modular furniture sector.


The divisions of the Sedus Stoll Group in detail

The Sedus Seating product segment (office seating, communication and contract furniture) recorded a total increase in incoming orders of 9.6% in the year-on-year comparison. In Germany, a growth of 4.9% was recorded, compared to a more significant increase of a total of 16.3% abroad. The ensuing increases in sales were 3.0% in Germany and a total of 20.5% abroad.

Especially the Sedus Systems office furniture segment underwent a very positive development. Incoming orders went up by a total of 17.9%, whereas the rise in Germany was 8.6% and 34.1% abroad. In France, we managed to increase incoming orders by 116.2%. The growth in sales totalled 22.8%, breaking down to 8.3% in Germany and 49.5% abroad.

Overall, the business development of Klöber was not quite as positive. While in Germany a slight growth of 1.6% in incoming orders was recorded, Klöber suffered a sharp decline of 21.0% abroad. Sales figures developed accordingly.


New products and success factors

The novel products “turn around“, “on spot“, “sopha“ and “mastermind“ also contributed to the successful development of the Sedus company, founded in 1871. With these well-conceived products, with their superior character and innovative details, the company is able to meet the increasing demand for communication furniture.

Many awards and nominations at international design awards confirm the design competence of the Sedus brand; these include the Interior Innovation Award 2015 Selection for the successful product “turn around”. Sedus is the six-time winner of the highly coveted German Design Award and a five-time iF Design Award winner.

The website of the Sedus brand, with its new look and clear structure, supports the successful market launch and adapts to the terminal used.

In sales, the implementation of the international key account was quite successful. Customers increasingly appreciate Sedus as a competent full-range supplier, and are now able to meet the demands of their decentralised corporate structures with centralized procurement processes on an international level.



In the year-on-year comparison, the Sedus Stoll Group concluded the first quarter 2016 with a 4.2% increase in incoming orders, by far exceeding expectations. Accordingly, sales saw a rise of 6.6%. The result was also positive and above plan.

Despite the numerous political and – in particular on an international level – economic uncertainties, the board of directors expects the positive business development to continue in 2016 based on the still favourable economic framework conditions and on the measures implemented in all corporate divisions for the expansion of the market position and for the improvement of the cost position.

The Sedus Stoll Group consistently pledges itself to Germany as a production site. We will start making considerable investments in the restauration and refurbishment of buildings in 2016 in order to be able to guarantee more optimisation in the flow of materials, the production processes and the administrative sections. That way, we secure the company sites in Germany for the long term.