Sturdy, elegant and stylish

The Sedus temptation prime family

“temptation prime” is a premium addition to the Sedus temptation product family comprising executive desks and “team tables”. They are very distinctive, with their square steel legs measuring 740 mm in height and with a cross-section of 70 x 70 mm.

The cross-rails, which are based on a Sedus-designed functional profile, are at the heart of the frame system. As an all-round element, they form the external cross-rail frame which enables the use of thin, rectangular desktops with thicknesses of 19 mm and 13 mm. The lightweight appearance of the desktop and system cross-rail is emphasised by a shadow gap.

Dimensions of 800 to 1200 mm in depth and 1600 mm in width or 1200 mm in depth and up to 2200 mm in width are available for the rectangular standard versions. The team table differs in that it is square in shape and measures 1600 x 1600 mm.

The desktops come in a wide choice of high-quality veneers and are also available as HDF tops in selected dimensions. A new version with chromed frame has been added to the powder-coated steel and white aluminium standard finishes. Thanks to its elegant high-polish look, this new addition more than meets the demands of executive offices and prestigious conference areas.

As with the entire Sedus temptation product family, “temptation prime” also enables installation of a third level, function bridges, desk-mounted screens, workstation lighting, monitor bracket, cable dump and cable outlets. A PC housing mount, printer shelf and modesty panel can be secured to the cross-rail. A centrally positioned cable box is offered specially for the team table which ensures optimal media integration. Adapters and remaining cables are located below the table top. The necessary connections on the table top are routed through the brush sections.

Ideally, the conference and media technology should be considered when planning the furniture system, as this enables clean-cut installation with seamless transitions. When not in use, this technology all but disappears from sight. To this end, Sedus offers a manu-facturer-independent overview of the current technologies in order to realise solutions which are precisely tailored to customers’ needs.

There is a small selection of pictures below. For more, please visit the Sedus MediaCenter.